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Why to decide door window hind to decorate first

Dec. 01, 2020

I believe many owners have such an idea. Think to decorate it is to consider integral style, buy door window should not act too hastily. Doors and Windows are used to match the overall style, changing doors and Windows is also far easier than changing the style. Secondly, doors and Windows can be customized, can be customized according to individual preferences.

The traditional method of home decoration is to buy doors and Windows after decorating. After the owner gets a house, want to ask workers to undertake water and electricity above all transformation, paint wall to spread brick, after the project is over, go choosing door window again. After the completion of the basic project in the drying stage, the owner has enough time to shop in the market to choose doors and Windows.

Now a lot of adornment company and stylist, advocate decorate new mode -- "decide door window after decorating first". After decorating is not to buy door window hind to start again, before starting however, decide door window style, color, dimension, price first, let stylist undertake other design according to door window next. For example, the color of the wall, the design of the floor, ceramic tile, and so on. What good does it do?

1. Helps to accurately grasp the style

Most "decoration" actually has not had much to decorate experience, also does not have the molding design train of thought, a lot of people just from newspaper, Internet or others know some basic knowledge in the home, when communicate with designer, also just take the door model figure, this leads to a designer can't well understand your be fond of, is just the continuation of his original design style, some even to the original scheme directly applied to decorate.

And had chosen door window to choose stylist to be different again, you can take stylist to see the door window that likes first, and the dimension also tells him, such stylist can understand the style that you like through door window specifically, also can melt the product in his design, make whole household style is unified. Stylist still can do the change on a few bedroom pattern according to the dimension of door window, won't appear so the case that gives up love of certain door window reluctantly to cater to design style.

2. Cut back on unnecessary expenses

The practice that had chosen door window first is a kind of effective control decorates cost. The person that decorated knows, final decorate money to basically exceed original budget. Because in decorating a process classics regular meeting to have a few cannot advance increase item, consume labor to consume makings nature to also be much, time limit for a project lengthen do not say, still have to pay out more money. And after choosing door window, you spent very big in decorating charge actually, and basic pattern also has been decided, can avoid to produce a lot of needless increase item.

Also a lot of people spend a lot of money when decorating, arrived when buying furniture to discover however bag is shy, can buy a few cheap only, the door window that does not deserve with decorating a style will make do with, the integral feeling that lives in adornment is extremely inharmonious.

3. Save time and effort

Household market is integratedly qualitative, also can look at door window incidentally when stroll building materials, if have appropriate might as well come down, can let stylist have a goal, 2 can reduce the number that stroll builds material city, accomplish save worry save effort. Because the production, the transportation all need certain time. However, before the decoration of the doors and Windows decided, the end of the decoration, doors and Windows can also be sent, so that the time to move at least half a month in advance, why not?

What need to emphasize here is, decide door window first not be to must buy door window immediately, decide style, color, dimension, shape first however, price ok, as to specific brand still can compare slowly, till find the product that oneself are satisfied so far.

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Why to decide door window hind to decorate first

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