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Aluminum Alloy Doors and Windows Are Popular, Do You Know The 8 Advantages?

Jan. 14, 2021

In this era of pursuit of individuality, aluminum alloy doors and windows that are affordable and full of individuality are naturally one of the types of furniture that many teenagers like. Are you planning to buy aluminum alloy doors and windows? Before purchasing, let's understand the specific advantages of the Aluminum Windows Frame:

1.Environmental protection and zero formaldehyde: The biggest advantage of current aluminum alloy doors and windows is environmental protection, because aluminum alloy and other metal materials are obtained from a series of processing of mineral resources.

Aluminum Window Profile

Aluminum Window Profile

2. Fashionable and beautiful, with diverse functions: Aluminum Window Profile generally use high-strength aluminum alloy materials during the production process. These aluminum alloy doors and windows can meet many functional requirements after a series of processes.

3. Waterproof and fireproof: Aluminum alloy doors and windows have the characteristics of fireproof and moisture-proof, so the second advantage of aluminum alloy doors and windows is that they can withstand the test of fire, reduce losses, and have the effect of moisture proof, which is very suitable for households in southern my country.

4. Easy to clean: The aluminum sliding window profile has a smooth and delicate surface, no water seepage, and has a unique advantage in moisture-proof and waterproof. It is not only waterproof and easy to clean, but also gives people a clean and bright refreshing feeling, and can extend the service life of doors and windows.

5. Moisture-proof and insect-proof: There is no need to worry about the damage of doors and windows from insects and damp. It must be an urgent need for householders. The moisture-proof characteristics of aluminum alloy doors and windows are very suitable for use in the electronic age.

6. Antibacterial and no peculiar smell: The newly decorated new house has a major fatal hazard-pollution and peculiar smell, the pungent chemical smell brought by the decoration, which is difficult to remove for a while. No matter how much air freshener is used, the peculiar smell will still disturb you for a long time. In private spaces, the main material of aluminum alloy doors and windows is aluminum alloy, which avoids the odor hazards of traditional wood and man-made panels.

7. Durable and durable: the hardness of aluminum alloy is level 10. Aluminum alloy was originally selected for doors and windows series, and it is obvious to all in strength, hardness, thickness, density and waterproof and moisture-proof!

8. Value-preserved and recyclable: Traditional door and window products begin to depreciate the moment consumers buy home, and finally replaced and discarded. Sustainable development, recycling, energy conservation and environmental protection are the general trends. Aluminium Extrusions Profiles can be recycled and consumed. Low; more help in energy saving and environmental protection.

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