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2006: Founder Mr. Liang Zhufeng founded the Gangya Aluminum products brand.

2011: After five years of precipitation, in order to expand the international market, Mr. Liang Zhufeng registered in Hong Kong to set up the "Hong Kong Gangya International Group Co., Ltd. , " officially began to enter the international market.

2012: HK GANGYA set up a large production base in Guangxi Province. Imported 700 tons, 1000 tons and 1250 tons of extrudes from home and abroad to expand production. The same year joined the Guangdong doors and Windows Association.

2012: Won "China famous brand" title selected by "China famous brand product cultivation committee".

2013: HK GANGYA Aluminum won the title of "Top ten brands of aluminum industry in China" and got the plaque and certificate. Hand in hand with CCTV network, awarded by CCTV network "CCTV network advertising partner" plaque and certificate. China Central Television CCTV "influence dialogue" column team awarded to HK GANGYA "Aluminum Industry" partners. At the same time, the chairman of the board became a special guest invited by CCTV "influence dialogue" interview. HK GANGYA became the China Central Television CCTV sponsored by the "China brand impact enhancement plan" recommended enterprises. Also won the "CCTV2014 Chinese New Year Exhibition Broadcast Enterprise" honorary qualifications, become CCTV 7 sets (military. Agricultural Channel) one of the enterprises Lunar New Year. 

2014: an interview with BIG BOSS at the CCTV studio in Beijing at the invitation of CCTV.HK GANGYA won "China Construction recommended products" and "quality qualified. Consumer confidence brand" dual titles. 

2015: Set up a large production base in Foshan Sanshui . Imported from home and abroad 2000 tons, 2500 tons of extrusion machine and vertical powder spraying production line. The same year again join hands with CCTV network, BECOME CCTV network "gold stand partner" , at the same time received a plaque and certificate of honor.

2016: joined the South China Aluminum Doors and Windows Hardware Decoration Industry Association, increased vertical, horizontal fluorocarbon production lines.

2017: HK GANGYA established the aluminum doors and windows company, and the SYSTEM DOORS AND WINDOWS R & D Innovation Center was put into use, adding 3 automatic doors and windows production lines. The HK GANGYA Group was set up.

2018: The export department was set up to promote the Gangya Group brand globally. The same year to participate in the Malaysian Open – Doubles International Building Materials and construction engineering technology exhibition.

2019: Aluminum home project launched to establish a one-stop accessories suppliers for the aluminum idea home market.

2020: Joined the Nanhai Aluminum Doors and Windows Architectural Decoration Expo...

HongKong Gangya Group Co., Ltd.

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