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Strive to achieve the mission, strive to hold up tomorrow, GANGYA dream stage, bloom wonderful China.


gratitude, integrity, sunshine, persistence, responsibility, efficiency, self-improvement.

★ We are a practical enterprise, please speak with your results, there is more important than reasonable results, the company depends on results to survive, employees depend on results for wages. Results defend dignity.

★ There are no perfect individuals, only perfect teams. Obedience is the only way to make a perfect team. When individual interests and team interests are in conflict, individual interests must result in team interests.

★ Encouragement, recognition, recognition and commitment are the best ways to resolve conflicts. Active communication can remove all obstacles.

★ Before you complain, think about how the successful person did it under the same conditions. There must be a way to succeed, and an excuse to fail. All growth comes from the assumption of responsibility, because the responsibility in me, so success in me.

★ Absolute compliance and execution is a prerequisite for you to get a foothold in the company. Without execution, there is nothing.

★ As a manager, you have more responsibility than privilege. You have to work harder, be more disciplined, take the lead, set the example, and lead the team to accomplish the target.

★ Never use someone 's fault to prove your correct point. Absolutely 100% of the consequences.

★ Take the initiative to fight for the opportunity to express themselves, reject mediocrity, do the master of fate.

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