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Comparison of Aluminum and upvc

Nov. 20, 2020

Comparison of Aluminum doors&windows and Plastic doors &windows

The plastic doors&windows which are made of U-PVC Plastic profiles. Plastic windows and doors with wind resistance, waterproof, thermal insulation and other good characteristics. Plastic steel doors and windows are made of plastic steel profiles, plastic steel profiles are made of plastic and steel mixed profiles.

1. Anti-wind pressure strength and watertight function: Plastic Steel doors and windows due to low strength and rigidity of raw materials, although strengthened by lining, cR-ZR copper plate, however, is about two grades lower in resistance to wind pressure and water tightness than aluminum alloy doors and windows. This is the case for the standard sample window sent by the enterprise for inspection, and the same is true for the sample from the construction site. The average value of the "three functions" measured by the witness sampling method for aluminum alloy doors and windows and plastic steel doors and windows in the construction of curtain wall in Shanghai is indicated In addition to air tightness, the water tightness and wind pressure resistance of plastic steel doors and windows are worse than those of aluminum alloy doors and windows. And, because the lining steel of the plastic-steel doors and windows does not connect well to the inside corner of the profiles, the Plastic Welding Angle strength of the window frame, the four corners of the fan and the t-joints is lower than that of the others.

2. Air-tightness function: The air-tightness of the plastic steel doors and windows should be slightly better than that of the aluminum alloy doors and windows with screws, because the frame and the fan components are welded, but the aluminum alloy doors and windows profiles have higher precision.

3. Third, heat preservation function: The heat preservation function of aluminum alloy six windows is not as good as plastic steel doors and windows, but because, according to the Formula K = 1/(1/ai + Rw + 1/ae) , the heat transfer Coefficient K of aluminum bronze plate window depends not only on the heat transfer resistance Rw (the reciprocal of the heat transfer Coefficient of the window) , but also on the window. According to another calculation Formula K = K Frame F + K Glass (1-f) , the Heat Transfer Coefficient K of window is composed of k frame and k glass in window frame, Fan member and window glass, it is directly related to the ratio of the window frame to the whole window area F, and the Aluminum Alloy Window frame to the whole window area is about 10% smaller than the plastic steel door and window, and the aluminum window frame is not solid either, and the wall thickness of Hollow Aluminum Profile (practice thermal bridge) is about 40% less than that of plastic profile.

4. Day lighting function: The day lighting function of plastic steel doors and windows is worse than that of aluminum alloy doors and windows. The area of the frame and fan is about 10% larger than that of aluminum alloy doors and windows. 

5. Fifth, sound insulation function: The sound insulation function of the window mainly depends on the sound insulation effect of the glass which accounts for about 80% of the window area. Aluminum Alloy doors and windows and plastic steel doors and windows have the same sealing level and sound insulation function. The sound insulation function of plastic steel doors and windows and aluminum alloy doors and windows were measured and compared by Shanghai Institute of Construction Science (SRC) 5 + 12A + 5 hollow single-frame double-glass plastic steel doors and windows are 24 ~ 29db, the sound insulation capacity of double-glass is about 5dB more than that of single-glass Steel doors and windows and aluminum alloy doors and windows "in the same glass thickness, layout and sealing similar to the least, the case of the weight of sound insulation RW value nearby. ". 

6. Fireproof function: fireproof function of non-combustible PVC plastic doors and windows is good relative to combustible wood doors and windows, beryllium copper band is bad compared with non-combustible aluminum alloy doors and windows. Polyvinyl chloride is a fire resistant material that burns slowly when exposed to an open fire. The mechanism of flame retardancy is that the hydrogen chloride released during incineration has the function of trapping H, Oh and free radicals, which makes it difficult to burn. HCLCO2 and other toxic gases are released during incineration. The damage of smoke is the primary cause of serious casualty accident in construction fire. Therefore, some European countries must not use PVC doors and windows in public construction to avoid unnecessary damage. On the fire function of doors and windows: Steel doors and windows and aluminum doors and windows relatively good, plastic doors and windows and wood doors and windows relatively poor. 

7. Lightning protection and electrostatic issues: Aluminum Alloy is an outstanding conductive body, so for the construction of the surrounding layout, the selection of a useful grounding method, can be used as lightning protection equipment, and can avoid electrostatic appearance; PVC plastic is a non-conductive insulator, when it is used in high-rise building (above 30m for the first class, above 45m for the second class, and above 60m for the third class) , it can not solve the problem of preventing side lightning stroke. And, if not anti-static disposal, then used in civil construction, electrostatic dust and dirt cleaning, affect the appearance of the ornament, can Not be used for dust and other explosive workshop, electronic or electrical equipment assembly workshop and Computer Room. According to the introduction of materials, the plastic static fire, can be modified in its surface containing quaternary amine salt anti-static oil agent, can adsorb moisture in the air, add conductivity. But at present domestic plastic doors and windows are not anti-static coatings and other disposal.

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Comparison of Aluminum and upvc

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