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Three properties of doors and Windows

Nov. 19, 2020

Door three performance generally refers to the air tightness, water tightness and wind resistance, outside the building doors and Windows for will check items in the test, the standard of the outside building doors and Windows, wind resistance, airtight, watertight classification and testing methods of GB/T 7106-2008 and the building outside the window, wind pressure resistance test method of airtight, watertight, JG/T 211-2007 for the three basic performance testing of doors and Windows have clear requirements:

Airtight performance

Air tight performance also calls air permeate performance, it is to show outside door window is in normal when closing a state, the ability that prevents air permeate. The high and low of air tightness property of exterior door window, influence to heat loss greatly, air tightness property is better, heat exchange is less, the influence to room temperature is smaller also. Air permeability per unit seam length and air permeability per unit area under standard conditions when the pressure difference between inside and outside the window is 10Pa are used as evaluation indexes to measure air tightness performance.

Watertight performance

Watertight performance refers to the normal closure of doors and Windows outside the state, in the wind and rain at the same time, the ability to prevent rainwater leakage. The standard for the watertight performance of exterior doors and Windows is GB/T 7106-2008 according to the Classification and Testing Method of Air tight, Water tight and Wind-resistant Performance of Exterior Doors and Windows of Buildings. The standard specifies the requirements for testing equipment, performance testing methods and classification index of watertight performance. The detection equipment is to simulate the simulated state of the external doors and Windows in stormy weather, using the pressure supply system, water supply system and pressure and water flow measurement system on both sides of the external doors and Windows pressure difference for measurement, and then determine the pressure difference when serious leakage, and finally determine the watertight coefficient and grade of the external doors and Windows.

Resistance to wind pressure

The ability that resist wind pressure is to point to when outside door window closes normally state, do not produce damage below wind pressure action (if: crack, face plate is broken, local yield, bond fails to wait) and hardware loose, the ability that opens the function obstacle such as difficulty. The test method is to test the ability of the specimen to resist damage and dysfunction under the action of instantaneous wind pressure.

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Three properties of doors and Windows

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