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PY-100 Air Tightness Window(Inner Window Screen)

After-sale Service: Online technical support, On site Installation, On site Training

Product Description

Product Description

Warranty: More than 5 years

After-sale Service: Online technical support, On site Installation, On site Training

Project Solution Capability:

graphic design, 3D model design

Place of Origin: Guangdong, China

Brand Name: GANGYA

Model Number: PY-100

Frame Material: Aluminum Alloy

Open Style: Swing

Opening Pattern: Horizontal

Screen Netting Material: Fiber Glass

Product name: Aluminum Casement Window

Glazing: Double glazed

Hardware: CMECH brand

Profile: Aluminium alloy

Color: Any color

Size: Customized

Glass:Clear glass/Tempered glass/Low-E glass

Surface Finish: Powder coating/Anodizing/PVDF

Economical custom design wholesale good ventilation and good air tightness casement windows
Product NameAir tightness Window
ProfileAluminum Profile.
ColorWhite/ Dark Grey / Dark Brown / Other Colors Can Be Customized.
SizeCustomized By The Buyer
Glass TypeGlass Type Make According To Customer's Request.
1. Clear Glass
2. Tempered Glass
3. Laminated Glazing
4. Low-E Glazing: Green / Blue / Brown / Golden...
5. Double Glazing Or Triple Glazing
6. Other Glazing: Frosted Glass/Crystal Glass/Art Glass...
MeshMesh Is Optional According To Customer's Needs.
1. Aluminum Security Mesh
2. Stainless Steel Security Mesh
3. Solid Iron Security Mesh
4. Mosquito Net(Nylon,Stainless Steel,Diamond)
HardwareGermany Brand / Chinese Top Brand For Optional

PY-100 Air Tightness Window

PY-100 Air Tightness Window

PY-100 Air Tightness Window

PY-100 Air Tightness Window

PY-100 Air Tightness Window

PY-100 Air Tightness Window

PY-100 Air Tightness Window



1. What series do you have?

A: Hello, this is the 100 series. 76 Glass Fan visible surface

2. How wide is your heat shield?

A: our strips are general purpose type I 10 wide and type O 10 wide.

3. What is the service life of your accessories?

A: Our fittings are tested to bear 80 kg and push and pull 100,000 times. If we used it 10 times a day, which we use every day, it would last about 27 years. On a conservative basis, at least 10 years.

4. What's the difference between this and a drift window?

A: our accessories and drift window design structure is different. Our load-bearing parts are always stressed on the rails, sliding up, sliding down, pulley is always maintained in the same vertical line. When we open it, our fan is always pressed vertically on the slide rail and is flush with the frame. However, the drift windows are fitted with the same structure as the van doors, and when they are opened the fan is hung out. The load-bearing is not very good. More importantly, our installation and sliding window is the same, post-cleaning glass is also very convenient. Kill.

5. What's your hollowness?

A: Our hollows are 5 + 20A + 5 or 5 + 6A + 5 + 6A + 5. The slot of the glass fan is 32, because it needs to be glued. The glass groove of the fixed fan is 35, because the outside is pressed glue and the inside is made of glass glue. Feature Highlights:

1, Safety 1. Accessories used 100,000 times, long life safe and reliable

2. Open the screen window and push and pull the glass fan to avoid the accident.

3. Fixed glass is the outside of the glue-free system design, indoor installation fan. Safe construction by installation personnel.

4. Sound insulation and heat insulation. Designed 5 + 20A + 5 hollow design, effectively reduce the resonance effect of sound waves, reduce the transmission of sound, achieve the goal of sound insulation and noise reduction. 2. Double Glass 3 form thermal design, effectively reduce the heat transfer. 3. Not taking up space 1. The fan is pushed and pulled inside and does not take up room inside. 2. Children don't meet. Open curtains. The Kitchen installs does not file the life thing

4, opens the position Big 1. Single Fan can open 1000 big, open position is big, ventilation effect is first-class. Excellent view.

5. Sealing effect

6. extrusion seal design with lateral translation of 7.5 mm. Super air-tight and water-tight performance. 1. Seal design of two compound foamed rubber strips. Lock-free design 1. Do not need locking point, Card Lock. The utility model solves the problem that the locking point is inconvenient to be installed on the spot

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