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What is building energy efficiency

Apr. 23, 2021
What is building energy efficiency

What is building energy efficiency?

Building energy efficiency, initially to reduce energy loss in buildings, now means more rational use and effective use of energy in buildings, and continuous improvement of energy efficiency.

Building energy efficiency specifically refers to the implementation of energy-saving standards during the planning, design, new construction (reconstruction, expansion), transformation and use of buildings, the use of energy-saving technologies, processes, equipment, materials and products to improve thermal insulation performance and Heating, air conditioning, cooling and heating system efficiency, strengthening the operation and management of building energy systems, using renewable energy, and reducing heating, air conditioning, cooling and heating, lighting, and hot water supply while ensuring the quality of the indoor thermal environment Energy consumption.

What are the requirements for building insulation materials?

(1) Freeze-thaw resistance, sun exposure resistance, weathering resistance, anti-degradation resistance, high aging resistance, that is, good weather resistance is required;

(2) The base layer is highly adaptable to deformation, and the materials of each layer are gradually changed layer by layer, which can transfer and release the deformation stress in time, and prevent the surface layer from cracking or falling off;

(3) Low thermal conductivity and good thermal stability;

(4) Good water repellency and strong air permeability, which can effectively avoid condensation inside the wall during the migration of water vapor;

(5) The fire resistance level is high, and a large amount of toxic gas should not be generated in the state of open flame, so as to delay the spread of fire when a fire occurs;

(6) Compatible with flexibility and strength, strong impact resistance.


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