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Warm In Winter, Cool In Summer: Aluminum Thermally Windows

Aug. 23, 2021

You wanna both bright light and warm in winter, cool in summer? Aluminum thermally windows are good choices. Let thermal sliding window factory help you understanding the thermal impact of casement windows on the overall residential environment.

Thermal Break Aluminium Sliding Profiles For Window And Door

Thermal Break Aluminium Sliding Profiles For Window And Door

How do they impact

Casement windows play an important role in the thermal management of a house, regardless of their type, and serve as a link between the indoor and outdoor environments.

In the legal thermodynamic state, the transfer of energy between two different media in direct contact is always from a hot place to a cold object. This means that a house will naturally warm up in summer and cool down in winter.

Windows have a thin element that acts as a barrier between the internal and external environment and helps to slow down the entropy process. As a result, they play a key role in regulating indoor temperatures. Thus, efficient casement windows minimize energy loss to the outside in winter. On the other hand, in summer, casement windows must be able to minimize the absorption of heat from the outside, which is never easy. If the windows are not designed or installed properly, then the risk of energy loss from casement windows is even greater.

To ensure optimal thermal efficiency, everything must be considered wisely. This includes not only the orientation of the window, the size of the glass, the technology used for the frame, but also the color of the frame For this reason, casement windows must consider the glass and the frame as a whole.

One of the most important aspects of a casement window's thermal insulating ability is the ability to limit the exchange of temperature between inside and outside. However, this is usually considered only in terms of heat transfer. In other words, it refers to the temperature exchange between two media that span the thickness of the window.

With Stainless Steel Mesh Aluminum Thermally Broken Casement Windows

With Stainless Steel Mesh Aluminum Thermally Broken Casement Windows

How to optimize

It's not just about glazing. Aluminum casement and sliding windows contribute to the transfer of solar heat, which can be reduced or maximized with proper design. It is important to ensure that aluminum casement windows not only have insulation technology, but also the right color to absorb or reflect solar energy, depending on the requirements.

It is also vital to ensure that casement windows correspond to glazed windows. Triple glazing has a lower solar gain than double glazing. As a result, it stores less energy, but its superior thermal insulation means it retains energy for a longer period of time.

Given that each situation is unique, an aluminum casement window manufacturer who understands the economic and energy implications of utilizing solar factors and is well established in the local area will be in a good position to provide a fully customized solution. Such solutions will be developed according to the local climate, the layout of the house, the amount of sunlight and the applicable regulations. Thus, by carefully designing the aluminum casement windows of a house, whether on a new site or in a renovation project, the glazing can be optimized for each façade and each room.

The right choice

Aluminum thermally windows are the best choice for controlling thermal efficiency.

Aluminum's light weight and strength make it ideal for creating large areas of glass that can be carefully placed to maximize energy input during the coldest part of the day.

Because aluminum is thin, it can optimize the proportion of transparent surfaces on casement windows to meet a variety of needs.

In addition, because of its high degree of malleability, aluminum can be adapted to all projects, all types of glass, and all colors, structures and textures required. It is also easy to install additional accessories on aluminum casement windows to help adjust their solar heat gain as well as their overall thermal efficiency. These can include louvers, openings or ventilation systems, etc.

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