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The Importance of Hardware

Apr. 20, 2021
The Importance of Hardware

The importance of hardware

Hardware accessories are the parts responsible for tightly connecting the frames and sashes of doors and windows. Without them, doors and windows will only become dead fans. Hardware accessories are the "heart" of doors and windows.

Sealing performance

Among the energy consumption methods of building doors and windows, the energy consumption caused by air convection caused by air penetration in the gaps of doors and windows accounts for a large proportion.

Safety performance

Doors and windows are the entrances that connect the home to the outside world, and the importance of safety to the entire home environment is self-evident.

The anti-prying level of doors and windows determines whether doors and windows will be easily and illegally broken in. The fireproof performance of doors and windows is also very important. In these links, the locking parts, operating parts, and connecting load-bearing parts of the hardware components all play an important role.

Durable performance

Inferior hardware is prone to problems such as rust, deformation, and fading, which seriously affects the experience of using doors and windows, and has potential safety hazards. Therefore, it is very important to buy a set of durable and high-quality door and window hardware.

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