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The Applications of fireproof glass

Apr. 15, 2021
    The Applications of fireproof glass

The Applications of fireproof glass

Function and characteristics of fireproof glass material

Flameproof glass is a new kind of functional material used in building. It has good light transmittance and fire resistance. With high heat resistance, light specific gravity, high light transmittance, no yellowing, no bubbles and other unique characteristics. Fireproof glass with good performance still has good fire resistance at the high temperature above 1000℃.

Compound fireproof glass (or fire laminated glass) is made of two or more than two single layer flat glass bonded together with an expansive flame retardant cementing agent. One of the perfusion type of fireproof glass is in two or more than two of the single layer of flat glass around the first seal with a border, and then by the infusion of fireproof liquid, by cementing, sealing and made; At room temperature and at the initial stage of fire, composite fire-resistant glass has the same light transmittance and decorative property as ordinary plate glass. After the fire, with the spread of the fire expansion, the fire temperature rises, the composite fireproof glass fireproof sandwich thermal expansion foam, forming a very thick fireproof insulation layer, fire insulation and fire separation role. But the composite fireproof glass generally has the tiny bubble and does not bear the cold, the transmittance is poor and so on the question, affects its use effect.

Thin coated fireproof glass is made by spraying fireproof transparent liquid on the surface of single or multi-layer flat glass substrate after drying and curing. When thin coated fireproof glass encounters fire, the fireproof protective layer is heated to expand, forming a dense fireproof protective layer to protect substrate glass and prevent fire spread and expansion.

Energy-saving fireproof window is different from ordinary window

(1) From the window of the glass function, the fire window of the glass must be tempered; And the glass of ordinary window is not necessarily toughened glass.

(2) Fire window glass generally must have fire signs, and ordinary glass is not. Fire - proof glass can be filled with fire - proof liquid does not affect the fire - proof performance test qualified products. The transmittance of glass is not less than 75% of ordinary plate glass with the same number of layers.

(3) From the material, the general fire window for steel, common common plastic steel, aluminum alloy, wood. State regulation, fireproof window can be divided into class a, B and C, different fireproof grade, have different fireproof window fireproof time. No less than 1.5 hours for class A Windows, no less than 1 hour for class B Windows, and no less than 0.5 hours for class C Windows. According to the code GB16809-2008 fire window, the sealing material between the frame and fire glass should be flame-resistant material, which can play the role of fire prevention and smoke separation in case of fire. And common window because heat conduction performance is fast, also do not have what fireproof time to speak of, because this does not have very good fireproof action.

(4) From the price point of view, the building steel fireproof window is higher than the general ordinary aluminum window.


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