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Fabrication and installation of Aluminum Alloy doors and windows

Nov. 10, 2020

Aluminum Alloy doors and windows have become the mainstream of doors and windows in the decoration industry because of their characteristics of firmness, corrosion resistance, easy heat conduction and convenient installation, so, if you are building your own house or renovating a second-hand House, how should you choose and install doors and windows? What kind of aluminum alloy doors and windows are good? Here is the knowledge about making and installing aluminum alloy doors and windows, learn it and you win it.

Fabrication and installation of aluminum alloy doors and Windows

1. Aluminum door installation remember rubber seal must be in place, can not appear bracket phenomenon, at the same time, rubber seal installation in the corner of the use of oblique cutting, and finally fixed with adhesive in the groove.

2.90 series sliding doors and window sashes must be fixed with a 2 mm thickness angle code.

3. The use of push-pull type aluminum alloy casement door sash, it is necessary to use the upper and lower steel tie bar for both sides , followed by the installation of reinforcement measures in hinge.

4. Sliding door generally installed anti-falling device, ensure that the installation of the firmness.

5. After the assembly of doors and windows, check whether there is any sealing and deformation, whether the switch can operate flexibly.

6. The assembly and fabrication e of window frames and sashes must conform to the national standards and the actual use needs of users.

7. In the installation of door or window sash and glass stone between the glass and door or window sash shall installed rubber pad, to prevent vibration caused by broken glass.

8. In the production of aluminum alloy doors and windows is reasonable to set drainage holes to avoid the number and location of unreasonable and blocked drainage holes and so on.

9. When installing doors and windows, shock-proof treatment should be carried out

10. The installation of doors and windows must be in accordance with industry requirements for lightning rod settings

11. Window frame anti corrosion if using asphalt, be sure to brush evenly.

12. The installation of doors and windows should be in line with the national standards and requirements of the fixed sheet, and must be installed firmly.

13. Stainless steel screws are strictly prohibited for installation of exposed parts.

14.The bottom clearance of sliding doors and windows shall be sealed with sealant after installation.

15. To make the combination window, the design and materials, construction must conform to the industry requirements and national standards.

16. If it is series of casement window, need to be in support pillar place undertakes strengthening

17. The window frame and the wall support must be parallel and vertical, no gap or the form distortion.

18. Dust-free construction is carried out in the window frame and wall body, and the foam type material is filled. After filling, check whether the gap between the window body and the wall body is less than 20mm in the 5mm gap.

19. After the doors and windows are installed, the gaps need to be filled, and then the exposed parts of the fillers and adhesives clean up. Prevent rain water leakage from affecting the use.

20. After the installation of windows and doors to be cleaned regularly, if possible, it is best to protect the glass paste film.

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Fabrication and installation of Aluminum Alloy doors and windows

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