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Attention should be paid to the details

Nov. 16, 2020

Attention should be paid to the details of the household doors and windows

Compared with the ground, wall decoration more difficult to deal with, home decoration in the door and window treatment is much more relaxed, because, the Broken Bridge aluminum windows and doors of high quality, mature variety and specifications of product support services home, owners do not need to worry about a lot. Owners to do, the main is to measure the size of all windows and doors, consider the relevant treatment, calculate the construction area of a variety of treatment. To compare the current mainstream of three rooms, two rooms, one kitchen, two bathrooms, West and east have two balconies of the new house, decoration can be used aluminum alloy window treatment of approximately 6 to 8 windows, respectively is: 3 bedroom each 1, kitchen 1,2 toilet each 1,2 balcony each 1, among them, the balcony window can adopt full open type, aluminium alloy close type wait for 2 kinds of means, full open type does not do close processing generally, it's easier to deal with engineering. In addition, indoor kitchen and bathroom partition, living room, kitchen and living room partition and other indoor partition, as well as kitchen, bathroom doors, the current mainstream decoration is also using aluminum alloy closed. These are the first owners need to understand and master. In general, the bedroom window door size is 1200 * 1500mm (width * Height) , if the bedroom with a balcony, the size of its internal window slightly less than the above data. The size of the kitchen and bathroom windows varies according to the overall arrangement of the suite, ranging from 1,800 x 2,000 mm to 600 x 1,200 mm or smaller. The average size of a kitchen or bathroom door is 830 by 2050 mm. And large partition processing size, such as the partition between the kitchen and living room door, roughly 2800 by 2800 mm. If the owners do not have time to carefully measure the various dimensions of their new home, these data can be provided as the basis for the general budget and basis. Considering the overall effect and durability of the design and decoration, Gangya suggested choosing the same color and shape of broken-bridge aluminum alloy doors and windows, negotiating the price of broken-bridge aluminum doors and windows with agents or aluminum processing shops, and signing the contract, everything else will be fine.

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Attention should be paid to the details

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