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Aluminium Louvre Windows

Oct. 13, 2020

Wonderful choice continues with a whole new angle. You at the controls, you decide how much light and fresh air you let in depending on the time of year. Now offering even higher performance with the new Ascend 40 Louvre, Louvre windows let you take over with ultimate safety and climate control.

Stylish and practical, Paragon Louvre windows give you ultimate control over light, ventilation and panorama. Wideline’s unique injection molded clips provide a weather tight, corrosion-free seal along with quiet operation.

Can achieve up to BAL-29 with Easy screen.

Sturdy aluminium frames come in an excellent range of modern colors

Window louvre blade options include glass louvres, timber louvres in western red cedar and aluminium louvre windows

Integrated external screens can be added and won’t interfere with window operation

Available as a powered louvre that can be controlled by wall switch or App. Remote opening and closing allows windows to be placed high to capture the breeze.

louvre windows welcome natural light and air into your home and provide complete control over the volume and angle of airflow. Louvres capture light without obstructing your much-adored view, providing the best of both worlds for your home.

Windows and Doors stock the highest quality products for timber louvre windows in Newcastle, Port Macquarie, the Central Coast and the greater Sydney area.

Reasons to Love Louvre Windows

These windows comprise of angled glass blades to let in air and light, if angled right they can also help keep out harsh sunlight and light rain. Louvre windows open-up twice as wide as standard windows for maximum airflow, and the adjustable blades let you control the amount of breeze you let in.

The ease of maintenance is an attractive perk for these window designs. You can clean both sides of the glass quickly, making them a wonderful addition to homes with more than one level or high amounts of environmental dust or sea mist.

Customize Glazing to Your Preferences

Various glazing, hardware and screen options are available. Integrated, external screens can be fitted without interfering with window operation.

Style and Sustainability

Wide-line Windows and Doors are proud to use and supply Western Red Cedar as their primary choice of timber due to its beauty, simplicity and functionality. Western Red Cedar is widely recognized as the ultimate sustainable building product as it produces fewer greenhouse gases, generates less air and water pollution, and is renew-ably sourced.

If you want to customized aluminium doors and windows, please contact us.

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Aluminium Louvre Windows

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